US Waiver

US Waiver in surrey – You may not be allowed to enter the US in several cases. Some of the common reasons why you may be denied entry to the US include:

  • communicable disease
  • a criminal record for crimes of moral turpitude
  • possession of or trafficking in a controlled substance
  • involvement with terrorism or terrorist organizations
  • trafficked in persons
  • involved in money laundering
  • public charge because of limited financial resources
  • have been deported from the US before
  • overstayed a previous period of admission to the U.S

These are only some primary reasons and there are many other reasons for you to be denied entry in the US. Also, in case of involvement with terrorism or terrorist organizations, there is no provision of a US Waiver in surrey.

Why is US Waiver in surrey important?

The USA is a prime country with ample work, education, and leisure opportunities. Every year, hundreds and thousands of people apply for a US visa for a permanent or temporary stay. As cross-border security is of great concern, you must have a clean profile. If you have a criminal record, you will have to apply for a US waiver to get legal entry into the USA. If you were charged with a criminal offense in Canada, your entry into the US is banned automatically. Even if the charges were later withdrawn, dismissed, stayed, absolutely or conditionally discharged, and regardless of whether the criminal charges ended up in a conviction, you cannot enter the US without a US Waiver.

Our experts at Worldwide Fingerprinting can help you process your application and also in dealing with the RCMP requirements.

Please call us for the application process and fees.

Department Of Home Security Fee – As required at the time of application

Application Fee – Varies from case to case

What are the acceptable modes of payments?

At Worldwide Fingerprinting, we accept all major debit, credit, master cards, etransfer, and cash.

We do not accept American Express Cards & Cheque Payments.

*Govt fees are subject to change anytime.

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Copyright by Worldwide Fingerprinting. All rights reserved.