Police Certificate CPIC

What is PCC?

Police Clearance Certificate is a requirement of International countries from the individuals who have applied for Residential Status, Employment or Long term visa, or immigration in a foreign country. There is a set of documents required to procure Canadian PCC in Surrey. The document requirement varies depending on the purpose of the visit to the foreign country. It also depends on the country person is visiting.

Depending on the country, it has different names. Police clearance certificates, good conduct certificates, judicial record extracts are few to mention.

Why there is a need for PCC?

PCC acts as a verification letter that supports the findings that the person has no criminal record. Thus the person cannot be a threat to the political and social security of the nation. It is essential when a person applies for work visas or residential applications in any country. A tourist visa needs no Canadian PCC in Surrey.

What is the procedure for PCC?

The procedure for procuring PCC involves providing information or documents, such as photographs, fingerprints, or your addresses and dates that you lived in the country or territory, and paying the fixed amount fee.


Why select us?

RCMP strives to prevent crime, investigate crimes and enforce federal, provincial-territorial, and municipal law. Therefore they accredit some top standard organizations and agencies to help them carry their motive of keeping citizens safe. Worldwide Fingerprinting is one of the few to be a part of RCMP and help citizens be safe. It is an RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police accredited company that helps you get through all the identification processes.

Some reliable organizations and consultancies work to help you get PCC and reduce the hassle and stress one may undergo to get it on time. Worldwide Fingerprinting is one of the them. We have experienced staff and years of experience make us the best in providing services of Canadian PCC in Surrey.

The tight schedule of the Canadian embassy’s consulate keeps the timely availability of PCC far away. Here the reliable sources come into the limelight that can help in procuring timely PCC.

How we work?

We have proved and helped many to have safe and secure results.. We work digitally and technically to ensure timely, stress-free results.

The services of digital fingerprinting and ink-roll fingerprinting are better with us as we have experienced forensic experts. Further, the hi-tech lives­can finger­print system adds to our perfection. We make sure that the recording of fingerprints is clear to minimize the pos­si­ble quality rejec­tion by law-enforcing authorities. The digital facility enables us to get error-free fingerprints within a short span of 10 minutes. It helps us avoid the messy spread of ink and long waits.

What you need to do?

The person needs to book an appointment and fix the schedule for his visit. On the scheduled day and time of reaching our office, one needs to arrive with valid, acceptable identification proof and fees. The id proof must be a photo id proof. The lapse of original documents needs the person to bring only certified copies of the id documents.

We accept different modes of payment like debit, credit, master cards, e-transfer, and cash, excluding American Express Cards & Cheque Payments.

How we can help you with other things?

We provide versatile services quickly and timely. Avail the facilities to obtain Certified Criminal Record Check for Immigration, Citizenship, Record Suspension (Pardon), Name Change, Visa, US Waiver, Employment, etc.

Know Worldwide Fingerprinting better by visiting the office or choose an easy option of visiting our website and navigate through it to explore our areas and ways of working in- depth.

If you are leaving Canada and applying for a job in the Private sector in some other country, you will have to obtain a Police certificate. A police certificate is essential for visa applicants, foreign travel, and foreign work permits. There are several occasions when a Police certificate serves an important role. These occasions include:

  • applying for private sector employment
  • renting a house/basement
  • applying for school admission etc. in Canada

It is important to note that an individual with a criminal conviction record must not apply for a Police certificate. We offer assistance in the process and send Police certificate applications to the authorities in an electronic format.

You must present two valid ID proofs for the process.

Please call us for the application process and fees.

What are the acceptable methods of payments?

At Worldwide Fingerprinting, we accept all major debit, credit, master cards, etransfer, and cash.

We do not accept American Express Cards & Cheque Payments.

*Govt fees are subject to change anytime.

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Copyright by Worldwide Fingerprinting. All rights reserved.