Digital Fingerprinting

Digital fingerprinting is a process of capturing fingerprints of a person through electronic mode. At Worldwide Fingerprinting, we use high-quality optical scanners to capture fingerprints and maintain them in our records. A wide range of applications demands fingerprints check. We email the fingerprints along with duly filled applications to the respective police service. The fingerprints are formatted in an electronic file before they are emailed to the police using a secured link.

Fingerprints serve a lot of purposes. From identification to criminal checks and creating documents like passports and security licenses, fingerprints are considered as the core identification tool. We provide reliable and high-quality digital fingerprint services to ensure accuracy and confidentiality.

When do you need Digital Fingerprinting?

You will need Digital Fingerprinting when applying for:

  • Employment in private and public sector
  • Passports, Visas, Work Permits, Foreign travel, and US Waiver
  • Record Suspension// Pardon
  • Security licenses
  • Name change
  • Immigration, citizenship, and permanent residence
  • International adoption

How long does it take to process digital fingerprints by the police services?

  • When no record is found it can take 7-10 working days.
  • When a criminal record is found it can take 120 days or more.

What are the core requirements for digital fingerprinting?

When applying for Digital Fingerprinting, you must carry two valid Government-issued identification. One of these ID proofs must have your photographs to serve as a Photo ID Proof. The ID proofs mustn’t be expired. In case the results are to be submitted to a third-party, make sure you have the correct address with you to ensure safe and timely delivery.

How can I check the status of my Fingerprints?

Once your fingerprints are electronically captured, they are submitted to RCMP by Worldwide Fingerprinting and Identification services.

Please call us for the application process and fees.

What are the acceptable methods of payments?

At Worldwide Fingerprinting, we accept all major debit, credit, master cards, etransfer, and cash.

We do not accept American Express cards & Cheque payments.

*Govt fees are subject to change anytime.

Copyright by 1 Worldwide Fingerprinting. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Worldwide Fingerprinting. All rights reserved.