Record Suspension

Record Suspension in Surrey is also known as Pardon. It is an official authorization by the Canadian Government that allows people convicted for criminal offenses to suspend their criminal records. Record suspension can be pursued irrespective of the result of the conviction. The police certificate is issued to the individual which states there was no contact of yours with the charges. People who were charged and got convicted or the charges were withdrawn, dismissed, and stayed in absolute or conditionally.

If you are convicted of a criminal offense in Canada, you cannot travel across borders, apply for a job, or get any business contracts. However, with a Record Suspension, you can easily get through the processes. We are well-equipped to perform criminal record searches, take digital fingerprints, retrieve court information and collect relevant documents from Canadian government agencies and prepare your application. With us, the process becomes simple and you can get a Record Suspension in Surrey.

What are the eligibility criteria to apply for Record Suspension?

  1. You must have completed your sentence/s

    All the fines, surcharges, costs, restitution, and compensation are paid. You must have served your time in jail including any parole or statutory release and finally completed your probation order.

  2. You must have completed a certain years after the sentence

    If you have performed an Indicate offense you must wait for 10 years. In case of a summary offense, you must wait for 5 years, for any type of conditional charge, 3 years wait time is compulsory.

What are the benefits of Record Suspension?

Some of the key benefits of Record Suspension include:

  1. It offers you a chance to apply for Canadian Immigration/Citizenship
  2. Once the record is clear you are free from future accusations
  3. You can enjoy peace of mind
  4. Maintain a social status
  5. Make a good career and avail lucrative education opportunities

Note –

  • If you have been sentenced to life, you cannot apply for Pardon/Record Suspension.
  • Under the Criminal Records Act, it is upto the Payroll Board of Canada to grant, deny, or revoke your Pardon/Record Suspension. We cannot provide legal advice to this.

Please call us for the application process and fees.

What are the acceptable modes of payment?

At Worldwide Fingerprinting, we accept all major debit, credit, master cards, etransfer, and cash.

We do not accept American Express Cards & Cheque Payments.

*Govt fees are subject to change anytime.

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Copyright by Worldwide Fingerprinting. All rights reserved.